What to do if you feel you have a Thyroid Nodule?

Since Thyroid Nodules are common and in majority of the cases Benign, first thing is to not panic.

Secondly it is best to set up a appointment with a ECNU certified Thyroid specialist

ECNU is a professional certification that is given to Endocrinologists who have expertise in thyroid imaging and procedures

It is better to see a thyroid specialist rather than having multiple appointments set up with a Radiologist for u/s at a hospital and then a back and forth appointment system for a biopsy

Why get a biopsy at our clinic?

Dr Ahmad has performed more than 8000 biopsies and our ability to do these virtually in a pain free manner is based on years of experience

Quite frequently Biopsy results can be “non-diagnostic” which means it will need to be repeated

This can happen in 4-6% off cases

At our clinic the chances of that happening are less than 1% based on our results from the last few years



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