Primary hyperparathyroidism is a common problem, affecting 3-5% of the population above age 50 usually caused by a solitary benign parathyroid tumour

An open four-gland parathyroid exploration has traditionally been considered the gold standard for patients undergoing surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism. However, a more focused, minimally invasive approach to parathyroid surgery has been adopted at many centers a big reason for this is that a Mini surgery is smaller, faster and has a smaller scar

Localization techniques are necessary to guide the surgeon and make it a truly mini surgery

Dr Ahmad is an expert at ultrasound guided localization of Parathyroid Tumours

his accuracy rate at finding these is around 70%

He has published his case series and other scientific papers on Parathyroid Localization and Imaging

our center is also working on a non surgical method at treating/ Ablating parathyroid tumours using a new technique called Radiofrequency ablation