Radiofrequency Ablation: A Novel Treatment Option for Neck Recurrence in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

Current consensus statements support the notion that RFA should be regarded as a first-line therapy for non-functioning benign thyroid nodules, while it remains a valid option for AFTN treatment.

Literature shows that RFA normalizes thyroid function in 45–50% of medium size AFTN and in more than 80% of small size AFTN.

Most studies have suggested that nodules less than 10-12 mL in volume have a better chance of normalizing TFTs with 1 session of RFA

This case shows effect of 2 treatments on a large nodule and the correlation between volume reduction and normalization of thyroid levels

We believe that for Autonomously functioning toxic nodules RFA should be considered first line treatment, due to its excellent safety profile and cost effectiveness compared to surgery.

This is borne out by our own sample size of over 25 toxic nodules, we will publish these results shortly

Shahzad Ahmad MD, FACE, ECNU

Jules Aljammal MD, ECNU

Endocrinology Center of Utah,

Salt Lake City, Utah

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